• 4 thrifty ways for businesses to host high-caliber virtual events from an entrepreneur who works for companies like Nike and TikTok

    15 days ago - By Business Insider

    Business Insider
    Cofounders Jaka Blazon, Max Blazon, and Ana Rozman pivoted away from live events after the pandemic struck.

    When Jaka Blazon and his two cofounders started Noir Food , their focus was on creating a gastronomy and drink experiences marketplace.
    But the pandemic forced them to reimagine operations and pivot away from live events to virtual experiences such as cocktail and wine tastings.
    Today, Noir Food allows customers to create events for people and choose between wine samples, craft cocktails, or non-alcoholic drinks. Its services have attracted high-profile clients such...
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  • 4 ways to revamp your professional networking strategy while working from home

    15 days ago - By Business Insider

    Don't spend every day in huge virtual conferences - ask your connections to introduce you to someone specific.
    If you're finding it hard to network effectively during the pandemic, these tips can help you leverage your contacts and virtual resources.
    Ask colleagues to introduce you to their professional friends, and reconnect with people in your network to discuss new experiences or challenges you're facing.
    If you have to cold contact someone, make sure your introductory message has a clear benefit for them, and follow up if you don't hear anything.
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