• Meta is promoting its VR headset with a 3D spaceman bursting out of London's most famous advertising billboard

    9 days ago - By Business Insider

    Meta unveiled its Meta Quest 2 ad as part of its "Wish for the Extraordinary" campaign. Meta
    Meta unveiled a new 3D ad for its Meta Quest 2 VR headset on London's Piccadilly Circus.
    The immersive ad shows an astronaut reaching at the screen and a NFL player leaping at viewers.
    Advertising on the famous site can cost more than $6 million a year, according to Quartz.
    Meta has unveiled a giant 3D advert this week on one of London's most famous billboards.
    Meta's Reality Labs took over the Piccadilly Lights in the heart of London's West End to promote its Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset...
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