• The meme-stock frenzy has turned markets into a 'casino society,' says billionaire businessman Barry Sternlicht

    4 days ago - By Business Insider

    Barry Sternlicht. Craig Barritt/Getty Images
    Craig Barritt/Getty Images
    Barry Sternlicht said the meme and tech stock craze has created a "casino society."
    The Starwood Capital chief compared the current market to the dot-com bubble.
    It's a "complete, total speculative bubble," the billionaire businessman told CNBC.
    Starwood Capital Group CEO Barry Sternlicht said a new, highly speculative stock market has emerged amid the meme-stock frenzy. "You really have two stock markets today," Sternlicht said on CNBC's Squawk Box Wednesday. "You have the one I grew up on. I went to business school...
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