• EV maker Fisker just debuted its $37,499 all-electric 'Ocean' SUV coming 2022 which claims will be the 'world's most sustainable vehicle'

    10 days ago - By Business Insider

    The Fisker Ocean.
    American automaker Fisker has debuted its all-electric SUV 'Ocean' with a solar roof for $37,499 - considerably cheaper than Tesla's Model X SUV which goes for $84,990 .
    The interior of the vehicle will be fully vegan and made of mostly recycled materials, including abandoned fish nets, plastic bottles, and T-shirts.
    The car will be closely tied with the Fisker app and will allow drivers to pay for their vehicle, book service appointments, and potentially set up rideshares and carpooling in the future.
    On October 15, Fisker announced that Magna International, a...
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