• The average cost of a new car surged past $45,000 last month. Used prices are smashing records too

    1 day ago - By Business Insider

    The 2020 Hyundai Kona.
    Alanis King
    The average price paid for a new car in the US in September was $45,031, Kelley Blue Book said.
    It's the sixth month in a row that new-car prices have broken records.
    The average used car sold for $28,364 in September, a nearly $8,000 jump from before the pandemic.
    We stocked up on toilet paper. We cleared the shelves of hand sanitizer and wipes. But as it turns out, anyone who really wanted to get out ahead of pandemic-fueled supply shortages in the long term should've been buying up new Hondas, Chevys, and Kias. The average transaction price of a new...
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