• Employees are checked out at work more than ever - and it doesn't matter it they're remote, hybrid, or onsite, Gallup study finds

    12 days ago - By Business Insider

    Employee engagement among US workers is on a downward spiral. Natalia Gdovskaia/EyeEm via Getty Images
    A new Gallup poll found Americans are growing increasingly checked out in the workplace.
    Employee engagement dropped to 32% from 34% in 2021, and active disengagement increased by 2% in 2022.
    The drop spans demographics and work styles, including remote, hybrid, and onsite.
    It's not just you. Americans are reporting higher than ever levels of dissatisfaction and malaise at work, a new Gallup poll found. Employee engagement in the US dropped to 32% in 2022, down from 34% in 2021, a year...
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