• China's new J-20 is nothing 'to lose a lot of sleep over,' but the US's stealth advantage isn't safe, US commanders say

    9 days ago - By Business Insider

    A J-20 fighter jet at an air show in China's Jilin Province on August 26. Fu Tian/China News Service via Getty Images
    China's air force has rapidly grown in size and capability, adding advanced jets like the J-20.
    The J-20 isn't "anything to lose a lot of sleep over," the head of US Pacific Air Forces said this week.
    But US Air Force leaders do say the US needs to work to stay head of the progress China is making.
    The rapid expansion of China's fighter fleet has alarmed its rivals, but its most advanced jet, the J-20, isn't too much of a concern, the top US Air Force officer in the Pacific...
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