• Asian LNG sellers are combining leftover gas into full shipments to help meet European demand ahead of winter, report says

    25 days ago - By Business Insider

    An LNG tanker at sea. Mark Garfinkekl/Getty Images
    Asian sellers of LNG are feeding Europe patchwork gas shipments amid its energy crisis.
    The cargoes comprise a mixture of leftover gas from Australia and Oman sent to Asian customers.
    The move is helping Europe meet its gas storage targets ahead of winter as Russia slashes supply.
    Asian sellers of liquefied natural gas are fusing leftover fuel into full shipments and sending them to Europe, helping the continent stock up on energy before winter arrives. Bloomberg reported that extra LNG from Australia and Oman to customers in northeast...
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  • Russia's Gazprom is shutting off all natural gas deliveries to major French utility Engie over payment dispute

    26 days ago - By Business Insider

    Natural gas prices have soared in Europe to record highs. NurPhoto/Getty Images
    Russia's Gazprom will shut off all natural gas supplies to France's top utility Engie from Thursday.
    Gazprom said Engie hadn't paid for July deliveries and will halt flows until the sum is settled.
    It comes as the Nord Stream 1 pipeline has shuts down for three days in Europe's energy crisis.
    Russia's Gazprom said it will fully cut off all its natural gas deliveries to major French utility Engie starting Thursday, intensifying the pressure on France as it races to avert potential rationing. Gazprom is halting...
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  • Russia halts natural gas flows via Nord Stream 1 pipeline, intensifying the pressure on Europe in its energy crisis

    26 days ago - By Business Insider

    Russia has slashed its natural gas supply to Europe this year, shuttering key pipelines including Nord Stream 1. Alexei Druzhinin/Reuters/RIA Novosti/Kremlin
    Russia cut off natural gas supplies to Europe via the key Nord Stream 1 pipeline Wednesday.
    The outage means Germany will get no Russian gas imports until Saturday, putting pressure on its economy.
    Europe's leaders say Moscow is using gas halts to hit back against Western sanctions over the Ukraine war.
    Russia shut down natural gas flows through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline on Wednesday, stoking Europe's energy crisis as it hits back...
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