• A Capitol rioter who was banned from using social media apps asked a judge to let him use websites to job search and 'interact' with the 'opposite gender'

    24 days ago - By Business Insider

    Thomas Sibick on January 6, 2021. Department of Justice
    Accused January 6 rioter Thomas Sibick asked a judge to allow him to use dating apps and job search websites.
    Sibick requested solitary confinement to avoid dealing with the "toxic" DC jail wing for Jan. 6 defendants.
    A judge later released him to home confinement with his parents, ordering that he not use social media or attend political rallies.
    An accused January 6 rioter who is on house arrest asked a judge to let him use websites and social media to find a job and look for a date. Thomas Sibick of Buffalo, New York was charged...
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