• I splurged on a now-$130 hot yoga mat - three years and countless hot yoga classes later, it's definitely worth the money

    6 days ago - By Business Insider

    Manduka's GRP Yoga Mat series is built for heavy sweating so you can do hot yoga without a towel.
    Manduka offers 3 mats: the standard 6MM , the Lite 4mm , and the Adapt 5mm .
    I'm very sweaty and have been using my GRP for 3 years - it's the only mat I can skip the towel not slide around.
    Editor's note: From 7/23 through 7/26, Insider readers can get an exclusive 35% off select items on Manduka's website by using code: INSIDER Everyone has to deal with sweat during a hot yoga class but mine is on a different level, to the point where people regularly ask me if I'm okay. I don't...
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