• A Meta VR producer shares her typical day, which includes beekeeping, crossword puzzles, and 3 hours in a headset

    5 days ago - By Business Insider

    Amy Seidenwurm, the executive producer of VR for Good at Meta, spends her time between the virtual world and the real world. Amy Seidenwurm
    Amy Seidenwurm works in virtual reality at Meta. She creates content on issues like trans rights.
    When she's not working in a VR headset or the computer, she beekeeps or gardens.
    Seidenwurm shares details about her high-tech work and her low-tech hobbies.
    At the social media and tech giant Meta, there's a group of engineers, researchers, and executives working to write the future of virtual reality. One of those people is Amy Seidenwurm. She's the...
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