• A book published almost 25 years ago predicted that the 'Next New Deal' would follow a period of great social unrest in 2020 - and that millennials would take the reins after decades of boomer rule

    16 days ago - By Business Insider

    Could President Joe Biden be the "gray champion" of the Fourth Turning?
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    A generational theory written in 1997 predicted America would see the climax of a crisis in 2020.
    As the climax turned toward resolution, a "Next New Deal" would reshape the economy and give millennials a brighter future.
    A "gray champion" would usher in this new economic zeitgeist. Could that be Biden?
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    America is currently in the midst of a millennial vs. boomer showdown - and a "gray champion" is arriving to usher in the "Next New Deal." So says an eerie...
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