• The rise and fall of e-cig startup Juul in the US, from Silicon Valley darling to a ban by the FDA

    3 days ago - By Business Insider

    A woman exhaling a puff of vapor from a Juul e-cigarette. Associated Press / Craig Mitchelldyer
    The e-cigarette company Juul quickly became a Silicon Valley darling with a $38 billion valuation.
    But it went through several rebrands, investigations, and valuation slashes since.
    On Thursday, the FDA ordered that Juul stop selling and distributing its products in the US.
    The e-cigarette company Juul has hit a wall. The company, valued at as much as $38 billion, staked a precarious path into the limelight, starting as a glitzy gadget and eventually billing itself as something resembling a...
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