• This New Nashville Hotel Will Arrange A Private Concert With A Hit Songwriter Right In Your Suite

    22 days ago - By Forbes

    Nashville's slick new Four Seasons Hotel offers travelers an intimate immersion into Music City with personalized songwriter shows in their suite-plus after-show drinks with the performer.
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  • The Electric EX90 SUV Has Volvo's Most Complex Headlights Ever

    The Electric EX90 SUV Has Volvo's Most Complex Headlights Ever

    22 days ago - By Jalopnik

    If you're building a new flagship electric vehicle , there are a few essentials your car needs. First, there's the minimalist interior , then there's the advanced driver-assist tech and, finally, you need to give it futuristic lighting. Volvo's new EX90 electric SUV , due out in 2024, checks each one of those boxes.
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  • Ford's new tech will let electric cars show off with smoky, four-wheel burnouts

    22 days ago - By Business Insider

    A patent diagram showing a Ford electric SUV doing a burnout. US PTO
    Ford hopes to patent a feature that would let its electric cars do burnouts with their front and rear wheels.
    It's possible since high-performance EVs usually have two motors - one in the rear and one up front.
    Ford said the new tech would help heat a vehicle's tires and also "provide a visual display of power."
    Quick as they may be, near-silent electric cars can't cause the same head-turning ruckus around town as their rumbly gas counterparts. But they'll still put on a show by doing sweet, smoky burnouts - if a new Ford...
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