• Bayer says chemicals farmers use to fight insects are safe, but it's more complicated than that, says its ESG head

    1 month ago - By Business Insider

    Klaus Kunz, Bayer's head of environmental, social, and governance strategy. Bayer
    Bayer's ESG lead says the company is trying to minimize the effects of its pesticides on nature.
    His comments follow Bayer's decision to update its sustainability strategy in late 2019.
    Bayer is investing in digital tools, carbon farming, and plant breeding to help meet its goals.
    In Klaus Kunz's more than two decades at Bayer, 2018 stood out. That year, the German company's reputation - once synonymous with making aspirin - took a major blow. Bayer acquired Monsanto and, with it, lawsuits claiming Monsanto's...
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