• Nepal is planning to move its Everest base camp because of rapidly thinning glaciers and erosion from climbers

    3 days ago - By Business Insider

    Tents set up at Nepal's Everest Base camp on Khumbu Glacier, Mount Everest, on September 15, 2019. Frank Bienewald/LightRocket via Getty Images
    Nepal's base camp on Mount Everest is being moved further down the mountain, due to climate change.
    The site is located on top of the thinning Khumbu Glacier, which has become hazardous for climbers.
    The gateway to the world's tallest mountain is used by around 1,500 climbers every year.
    In order to ascend Mount Everest , climbers have to pass through one of two starting points. But the southern site in Nepal - the most popular starting point to...
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