• Thredbo YHA Hostel, Budget Accommodation in the Snowy Mountains

    14 days ago - By y Travel Blog

    If only all hostels had views like the Thredbo YHA Hostel in the Snowy Mountains, in Kosciuszko National Park. Especially in a town that is not cheap to stay in.
    It's Thredbo, Australia's premier ski destination. Within the small alpine village are streets of lodges and cabins, typical of what you'd get in any skiing town around the world.
    And then amongst them sits the YHA Hostel , with stunning mountain views and budget prices.
    It's a crazy deal for those who are visiting for ski season. But you might be worried that staying in a budget hostel means sacrficing some level of comfort.
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  • Things to see and do on a Snowy Mountain Drive

    Things to see and do on a Snowy Mountain Drive

    14 days ago - By y Travel Blog

    Whenever I tell people that Australia has snow-capped mountains, they are shocked! Australia is home to so many diverse landscapes, why not add snow-topped ski resorts to that list?
    The Snowy Mountains, or The Snowies as we call them in Aus, are an adventurer lovers paradise.
    So beautiful!
    They have the highest peaks in the country, are lined with adventurous trails for hiking, or skiing, and even boast some magnificent caves and hot springs. Needless to say, there are plenty of things to do in The Snowy Mountains.
    One of the best ways to explore the mountains in all their magnificence, is...
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