• The Eastwind Hotel in the Catskills recently opened new mini standalone cabins ideal for social distancing - here's what it's like to stay in one

    6 days ago - By Business Insider

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    Our unit, Lushna Suite 3, was the farthest away and offered the best privacy.
    Melissa Klurman/Business Insider
    Eastwind Hotel is a boutique property in the Catskills of New York that sprawls across 17 private acres. In addition to standard hotel rooms, Eastwind offers standalone A-frame Lushna units and new, bigger Lushna Suite cabins. I stayed in a Lushna Suite , comped for review purposes, that typically starts at $429 per night. However standard rooms start at $279.
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  • Eastwind Hotel & Bar Offers Cozy Digs and Winter Fun

    Eastwind Hotel & Bar Offers Cozy Digs and Winter Fun

    6 days ago - By Global Traveler Usa

    Whether trying to nail down Valentine's Day weekend early or just looking for an excuse to escape to a cozy retreat complete with a fireplace and ski slopes, Eastwind Hotel & Bar has you covered.
    Couples, friends and families can retreat to Windham, New York, and book a luxurious, yet cozy suite at Eastwind Hotel & Bar for all the warm, homey or romantic chalet vibes you're looking for.
    Eastwind Guest Room.
    Two King Suite, one of Eastwind's 26 accommodations, offers 600 square feet of pet-friendly space. Located within the property's Bunk House, the suite offers two king-sized beds...
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