• After a 2-year absence, the wildly popular game 'Fortnite' is back on iPhones - but it still isn't in the App Store. Here's how to get it

    16 days ago - By Business Insider

    Despite being wildly popular, there's no way to download and play "Fortnite" on Apple's iPhone and iPad.
    That's because of a longstanding dispute between "Fortnite" maker Epic Games and Apple.
    This week, Microsoft revealed a workaround that puts "Fortnite" back on the iPhone.
    In August 2020, the relationship between "Fortnite" maker Epic Games and Apple broke down very publicly. After an update enabled "Fortnite" players to circumvent Apple's payment systems and pay Epic directly, Apple pulled one of the world's most popular games from the App Store. Epic responded by...
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