• Meet a Kroger's King Soopers worker who's striking for the first time: 'I think people are realizing they're worth more'

    6 days ago - By Business Insider

    Workers out on strike in Colorado. Courtesy of Andres Becerril
    Over 8,000 Kroger's King Soopers workers are on strike in Colorado over wages and safety.
    Andres Becerril, a front-end supervisor, is one of them. This is his first-ever strike.
    He said that workers are realizing what they're worth as strikes sweep across the country.
    Andres Becerril, 30, has never been on strike before. Becerril is a front-end supervisor at a King Soopers store in Denver, Colorado. He's worked at the Kroger-owned supermarket for nearly 12 years. Now, as over 8,000 King Soopers workers across 77 stores in...
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