• 'League of Legends' game maker says it won't pay ransom after hackers reportedly ask for $10 million and threaten to release source code

    12 days ago - By Business Insider

    Cloud9's "League of Legends" team, a game created by Riot Games, whose source code was stolen in a hack. Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games, Inc. via Getty Images
    Riot Games confirmed that hackers stole "League of Legends" source code that could make cheating easier.
    The company also said that it received a ransom email from hackers: "Needless to say, we won't pay."
    The ransom was for $10 million in exchange for not leaking the code, according to Vice's Motherboard.
    Riot Games, the maker of the popular online multiplayer game "League of Legends," was hit by a cyberattack last week, and the...
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