• Sam Altman admits OpenAI is 'a little bit scared' of ChatGPT and says it will 'eliminate' many jobs

    14 days ago - By Business Insider

    Sam Altman believes it is "critical" to regulate AI technology. Lucy Nicholson/Reuters
    Sam Altman admitted he's "a little bit scared" of OpenAI's ChatGPT creation.
    The CEO told ABC News that people should "not trust me" if he said he wasn't concerned about it.
    He also said artificial intelligence will take over many jobs, but could lead to "much better" ones.
    The CEO of OpenAI admitted he's "a little bit scared" of his ChatGPT creation and warned that it could "eliminate" many jobs.
    In an interview with ABC News on Thursday, Sam Altman said that "people should be happy" that the company...
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