• A childhood friend of Ivanka Trump wrote a tell-all essay in an effort to stop her re-entering elite society after Trump leaves office

    11 days ago - By Business Insider

    Lysandra Ohrstrom and Ivanka Trump in New York City in 2007.
    Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
    Ivanka Trump's childhood friend wrote a tell-all essay for Vanity Fair , which she hopes will make it harder for Ivanka to reclaim her old social life after the Trump presidency.
    Lysandra Ohrstrom, a maid of honor at Ivanka's wedding to Jared Kushner, said she wants her to "never recover from the decision to tie her fate to her father's."
    Ohrstrom alleged that Ivanka was unpleasant at school, was racist about the Arabic language, and had a distaste for those she termed "poor...
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  • NYC might see a return of tourism in 2024

    NYC might see a return of tourism in 2024

    11 days ago - By Travel and Tourworld

    Travelers might not return to New York City like the pre-corona virus times until 2024.
    Around 66.6 million people visited NYC last year. One-fifth of those visitors came from a different country, while the rest arrived from around the U.S., as per a report.
    Tourism in NYC has been affected massively this year due to the pandemic - NYC & Co. has estimated that the city will see 22.9 million visitors for 2020, which is around a third when compared to last year's figures.
    This could entail dramatic impacts for NYC that depends a lot on tourism - including hotels, retailers, restaurants and...
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  • New York City struggling to get back visitors

    New York City struggling to get back visitors

    11 days ago - By Travel and Tourworld

    New York City is one of the most famous and popular tourist destinations in the world. However, the city is expected to struggle to get back visitor numbers after witnessing a drastic decline in visitors owing to the global pandemic.
    2020 was poised to be another record year for tourism; however, the pandemic resulted in “an unmatched drop in visitation during the remaining nine months of 2020,” as per a report from NYC & Company - which is the official convention and visitors bureau for the city.
    For 2020, the group is expecting a total of 22.9 million visitors, which is 66% below levels...
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