• An auto executive explains why the company's $7,000 tiny electric vehicle that 14-year-olds can drive is the future of urban transit

    10 days ago - By Business Insider

    Citroen's electric mobility quadricycle Ami.
    Citroen has created a "non-conformist" electric urban mobility quadricycle.
    The Ami doesn't require a driver's license to operate and can subsequently be driven by 14-year-olds.
    The mini mobility unit starts at around $7,059 including VAT and is available for purchase in several European countries.
    Potential customers can also rent the Ami for a monthly subscription fee, or a minute-by-minute use payment.
    According to Anne Laliron, the head of future products at Citroen, the Ami is a "clever solution to bring freedom of movement in the...
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