• At the recent CPAC, attendees celebrated the failure of Biden's goal to vaccinate 70% of adults. Now top Republicans have U-turned, urging people to get their jab

    1 month ago - By Business Insider

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., listens as the Senate Rules Committee holds a hearing on the "For the People Act," which would expand access to voting and other voting reforms, at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, March 24, 2021.
    Scott J. Applewhite/AP
    A number of high-profile Republicans are now urging people to get the COVID-19 vaccine
    Deaths from COVID-19 in the US are largely attributed to the unvaccinated population
    Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville has said the jabs are "effective, safe, and don't cost you a dime."
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