• Don't lose your life savings on your phone: A millennial with a sports-betting addiction explains how he's cut back as March Madness hype mounts

    14 days ago - By Business Insider

    James, 34, said he became addicted to sports betting after his state legalized it two years ago.
    He wagered over $200,000 last year as gambling took over his life.
    James said sports betting was a way to "lose your life savings on your phone."
    It was July. James remembers the evening like it was yesterday. He bet $3,000 that a run wouldn't be scored in the first inning of a MLB game, only to see a runner quickly cross home plate. Then he bet another $2,000 that there wouldn't be a run in the next inning of a different game. He lost that as well. Now down to roughly $7,000 in total...
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