• 30 simple words that most people have trouble spelling - can you?

    5 monthes ago - By Business Insider

    Andy Morales/Flickr
    As writing by hand fades out of style , autocorrect capabilities on phones, tablets, and computers take the guesswork out of spelling words correctly .
    How well can you fare without it, relying purely on your mastery of the English language ?
    Keep reading to test your knowledge of these 30 simple words that are often misspelled. "Embarrass" or "embarass"?
    Flickr/Andy Morales
    Answer: "Embarrass"
    "Wierd" or "weird"?
    ChinaFotoPress / Stringer / Getty
    Answer: "Weird"
    "Bizzare" or "bizarre"?
    China Daily China Daily Information Corp - CDIC/Reuters
    Answer: bizarre
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