• Early internet star turned celebrity Andy Milonakis revolutionized live streaming and virality, but he still has regrets

    1 month ago - By Business Insider

    Andy Milonakis.
    Matt Petit/Disney XD via Getty Images
    Andy Milonakis is 45 now but shows no signs of slowing down.
    Since creating his own television show in 2003, he's been a rapper, actor, performer, and live streamer.
    A pioneer of the internet age, Milonakis feels he gets "judged" for his appearance.
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    Andy Milonakis has spent the past two months in the mountains on the island of Crete, Greece at his grandparent's house. Almost every day, he livestreams the gorgeous landscape to thousands of viewers on Twitch. The 45-year-old television star...
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